Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Something else I wanted to drop. A friend of mine lost his iPod and therefore lots of his musicc to technical failure and asked his friends to help him out with some fresh tunes. So I did a mix for him with the freshest shiat, haha. Lots of songs I only discovered some days ago and I also wanted to share it with you internet people. Hope you like it!


1.) Fatima Al-Qadiri - Desert Strike
2.) Autre Ne Veut - Counting
3.) HAERTS - wings
4.) Kuedo - Vectoral
5.) Bearcubs - Fighting Shadows
6.) H83R - Triangular
7.) TWOS - Feel
8.) Yahtzel - Girls
9.) Shy Girls - Under Attack
10.) Deptford Goth - Union
11.) SOHN - The Wheel
12.) James Blake - Retrograde
13.) ViLLΛGE - Dive
14.) Twigs - Breathe
15.) WIFE - Endings

Sunday, February 17, 2013

past adventures, future plans

Some weeks ago, me and my friend Laura drove off to Berlin to attend the incredible CTM festival. I was mostly looking forward to see WIFE play, and also d'EON. But this festival had so much more to offer! The visit was more about discovering new artists, which worked out pretty well. We were not only impressed by artists like Holly Herndon, Forest Swords or Kuedo (oh my, KUEDO!) but also the location itself, Berghain, which I had never been at, before. This place alone would make me wanna move to Berlin..maybe someday I will put these plans into action. 

But that was not all of the awesomeness we experienced. We also took part in a photo-tour through an abandoned sanatorium near Berlin, called Beelitz Heilstätten. Usually, trespassing is not aloud in this place, but there are guided tours which you can book here and you're allowed to take pictures within a generous timeframe of 5 hours. But you should probably choose a time in summer, to not freeze your hands off, like we did. ;)

Here is one of my favourite photos, make sure to check out the rest of them here. I'll keep uploading some more day by day until I get tired of it, I guess. ;)

Unfortunately, because I am a noob with DSLR cameras, I took most of the pictures with my mobile phone, so the quality is very low, but I am more practicing perspectives right now, and I guess the pictures are still worth looking at. :)

And as the headline already inclines, there are some more plans. I am going to England in March, more precisely, MANCHESTER! Huzzaah! And yes, I might take some pictures there, aswell. But the main reason for my visit is this.

Before last week, the line up was only HOLY OTHER and WIFE and "Special Guests". So I was wondering who could possibly add more awesome to this already perfect line up. I did know TOURIST before, but BEARCUBS is a completely new discovery and fits perfectly to the sound of HOLY OTHER and WIFE. It's just going to be superamazing, and would you look at that price please?! And may I remind you that I paid more than double the price to see HOLY OTHER play as support for Beach House here in Munich!?

I really do live in the wrong place, don't I? 

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Uhm, hi! So...I have been neglecting this place somewhat, due to lack of time. But I wanted to give you a little retrospective on the last 12 months, which were possibly the best I have yet witnessed. And I sure hope the awesomeness will continue in 2013! 

Like usual, I wanna start with a review on my favourite records of 2012. I remember that, in summer, I had rashly announced BEAR IN HEAVENs album "I love you, it's cool" as my favourite record of the year 2012. It kind of blew me away like nothing I had heard in along while and so I was sure there would be no other record that could possibly oust this release from the throne. But here comes the Mancunian (yes I had to google that, too) in to the game. Like with BEAR IN HEAVEN, I needed several attempts with HOLY OTHERs "Held" to get into the full spectrum of this – yes I might just call it a  masterpiece. And because it is often too hard to clothe my thoughts into words, I picked out a quote from Pitchforks review on "Held":

"Desire, neediness, vulnerability, fear, pleasure, and confusion are all laid bare. Held is a love album, a modern love album. Not love as aspirational fantasy but lived love, contradictory love-- the real love that stifles as much as it soothes."

With LEMONADEs "Diver" I (re-)discovered my love for synth-pop in the vein of ZOOT WOMAN. I fell in love with tracks like "Neptune" "Vivid" and especially "Whitecaps". There is actually not one flaw on this release full of pop gems. And with the last two records I am still quite surprised as I never got along before, with their previous releases. I think the gates to HOW TO DRESS WELL opened a little with the collaboration on ACTIVE CHILDs 2011 release "You Are All I See" which was, if you remember, one of my favourite albums in 2011. In hindsight, I am very happy that I finally got access to this artists world, since his concert in Munich on the night before my birthday was one of the best experiences in 2012. And with GRIZZLY BEAR I am even more surprised, because on the one hand, it is actually one of the few non-electronic albums I listened to this year, and on the other hand, similar to HOW TO DRESS WELL, I never really liked this band before "Shields". Therefore I am still convinced that the older you grow, the more open you become to several stiles of music and I am looking forward to all the stuff I have to explore, yet. 

Below, you can see some more releases I enjoyed this year, warm-heartedly recommend to everyone who is open for something new and more or less unexplored.

But we're not done here, yet. I imposed myself with the merely impossible task to sum up this year in music by picking out 12 of my favourite songs. By all means, there are lots more than just 12 of them, but here we go:

Unconditional love.

When you get a personal recommendation from your current favourite artist, chances are high, that you dig it. But I completely fell in love with this song from the very first listen.

This song had almost been ruined to me by a person. But fortunately I don't let people do this to me anymore.

What the title says.

The one song I desperately wanted to dance to in a club last year. But never had been given the chance to. And I love love love the drums in this one.

If 16 wouldn't be such an odd number* when it comes to making best of lists, you would probably see John Talabots "Fin" up above. And: there should really be more songs with screams in them.

Oh, look! It's a video from the concert in Munich. Nevermind the bass, though.

I still remember how it stunned me, the first time I listened to it. And it still does, today.

Probably the most intense live performance from last year.

It took a very long time with us, Claire and me. But this song made me fall in love with her. Unfortunately, she did not show up, when we were supposed to have a date last november. Bitch.

This song introduced me to future garage. Thank you very much, song!

Because we did not have enough weird videos in this list, yet. But serioulsy though, I love the song.

And how about those concerts I visited in 2012. These were my favourite ones:
ACTIVE CHILD - 28th Feb - Atomic Café - Munich
Pure bliss. That is all.
M83 - 5th Mar - Theaterfabrik - Munich
I still think I was the one person in the audience who had the most fun.
BEAR IN HEAVEN - 5th June - KONG -
Munich So the sound wasn't perfect, as I recall, but still these guys were superawesome.
OTHER LIVES - 25th July - Kranhalle - Munich
Those peeps made me want to join a band and stand on a stage myself.
SPRING OFFENSIVE - 18th Oct - Orangehouse - Munich
Unexpected. Intense. Stunning.
HOW TO DRESS WELL - 30th Oct - Kranhalle - Munich
HOLY OTHER/BEACH HOUSE - 14th Nov - Hansa39 - Munich
If only there wasn't the audience. But then again..I had a really great night.
PURITY RING - 15th Nov - Hansa39 - Munich
Best atmosphere.

Also, every time I had the chance to see Carlos play live. Always amazing.

Ok, three more categories, and you're through, I promise.

So what about cinematography in 2012? I must admit, I probably haven't seen too many relevant movies that were released last year, to make a proper judgement. But still I doubt that any movie I didn't choose to watch (for reasons) would be better than the one favourite movie I chose. And this would be:

Michael Haneke has been one of my favourite filmmakers for quite a while. And I was very much lucking forward to see this one. It is one of those movies, that employs your mind for longer than a day, after having watched it.

Other movies from 2012 I enjoyed a lot:

and of course

and then there were TV shows of course. And one which was pretty outstanding. My favourite show this year comes as a real surprise mostly for myself, since I didn't enjoy the prior season that much. I am talking about:

The current season hasn't even ended, yet. In fact, as you might know, they split the season in two parts and expected viewers to put up with this terribly long latency. Damn you! And as if this is not enough, they ended the first part of the season with the most terrible cliffhanger!

And last but not least. My favourite book, released in 2012. What else would it be than this one:

I don't think I need to say more about this. I don't even know if there will ever be another book that will mean as much to me (and probably lots of other people) than this one. Seriously.

As usual, when encountering my dear followers with epic posts like this one, I thank you very much for  your attention! Stay tuned, I am will try to keep this thing here alive! :)

*I know 16 is not an odd number. In fact it is the opposite of it. But YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIIIGGHT!?! D'UHH

Monday, November 12, 2012


I know, I announced this regular blog feature "introducing instagramers" and then totally neglected this blog. What a tease! But I really wanna catch up with it, so here's the next awesome instagram photographer.

Today I want to show you some incredible photographs by Evan James Atwood. There is not much I know about him, but the fact that he has a "365 challenge" which obviously seems to refer to the "a-shot-each-day-of-the-year-idea" and those compostions of him are among the most creative ones I have found on instagram. I really love the mood of his pictures, some of them are pretty creepy aswell. But just look for yourselves.
Check out all the other shots by @evanjamesatwood!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Y E S! I am still alive! My mind has been occupied with my new job the last weeks, so I didn't really feel like updating over here. I will probably still do a belated review on october, though. One thing that convoyed me through the whole month was this:

t  h  i  s     r  e  c  o  r  d     k  i  l  l  s. 

and I am going to see this boy live next week and you won't believe how excited I am for this. so excited, that I bought a ticket for 24 bucks for a band I don't even care about, but he is playing as their support. get it. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

past tension.

I am observing a trend in the music scene, lately. Bands that have already released several albums suddenly come back to their roots and sound like their old selves again. And I don't really know, yet, what to think of it. Two bands in particular are MENOMENA and MEWITHOUTYOU with their current releases from 2012. While "Mines", MENOMENAs third release from 2010 was pretty different from what they had done before, imho, due to the split with Brent Knopf, their new release, "Moms" just sounds EXACTLY like "Friend and Foe" it has ALL the same elements just in other variatons. Now I could say, cool, that's the way I liked MENOMENA best, and I never really became a friend of "Mines", but on the other hand, it just somehow sounds like uninspired repetition. And the same thing occured to me while I was listening to the new MEWITHOUTYOU release a few days ago.. It took me a while to even dare to listen to it. On the one hand, my taste in music always keeps on developing, and recently I enjoyed more electronic artists than guitar-based sound, so I didn't really think I would be in the mood for it. On the other hand, this band means A LOT to me, and I am always very tensed when one of my all time favourites has a new release after a long time. And I am already questioning in advance, if the new sounds can compete with what I loved so much in the past. So I listened to "Ten Stories" today, and oh my, MEWITHOUTYOU put their cheerful singalongs aside and went back to the good old "Catch for Us The Foxes" and "A to B Life" times. But is that really a wise choice? Well, in the case of MWY, probably yes, because one thought came to my mind, while listening to "Ten Stories". Aaron Weiss is still one of my favourite persons on this planet.

And because I babbled so much about music, here are some videos to live up to my...uhm...humble thoughts.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


It's octobaarrrr, peeps. The coolest month evaaar. And that's not because my birthday is waiting on the last of its days. Ok, yes it is. I really don't know why people keep complaining "uughhh, I'm getting older, screw this shit". I looove to celebrate birthdays, and mostly my own. ;) But as it is, I actually haven't planned anything, yet. This might have to do with the fact, that in less than a month my new job will start, and that's the only thing I can currently think about. I have only one week left at my old job, which is actually hard to believe. Then I will have some spare vacation days and then IT IS ON! But October is also when all the TV shows are coming back for new seasons. I am already overcharged. I didn't dare to watch the first HIMYM episode, right on time, but then I thought, heck, I need to get started with this, before it's getting awkward. It hasn't been great, so far, but I still have high hopes for some glorious new episodes. But I am secretly hoping they will put this show to an end, with the last episode of this season. Then NEW GIRL started, too. And it has been satisfyingly hilarious. Then the 7th season of Dexter started, and I was massively disappointed by the last one, but damn, they are finally taking this series to another level of awesome. First episode was pretty good. And then I heard THE WALKING DEAD are also coming back, already? You gotta be kidding me? When am I going to have the time to watch all this? Not to mention the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, which I am pretty curious about. And last but not least, October is spooky time, and guess who loooves spooky time? Yeah, you got it right...but let's move on to the reviews of last month.


So this is the follow up to Allie Condie's first book from the "Matched" series, and I already reviewed that one a few months ago, and was positively surprised. The second book reminded me a lot to the second release from the "Maze Runner" series, "The Scorch Trials", because of the whole wandering through deserted places thing. All in all I think it was a solid follow up, but I remember being a little disappointed at the end, since the whole efforts of the characters seemed somewhat senseless, sort of like the sysiphus methaphor used in the book. But I better judge the whole series altogether, when I have read the last book. (4/5)

Uhh, cheesy romantic cover! But I have to admit, that was actually the reason, why I gave that book a try, and I'm glad I did, because I really enjoyed this book, and it was actually the first book, I finished within 24 hours. I guess the story isn't even that special. A vigorous girl taking a challenge on a boy who rather wants to be left alone. I guess, sometimes it's just really the way a book is written, to make me fall for it. And this one did. (5/5)

Alright, this was pretty disappointing. Although from the storyline, it could have been so interesting. A book with a more realistic touch, about a girl, talking about her job as a social worker in a psychiatric ward, and experiencing that she is getting more and more distant from her former highschool friends. But when you might think, that this would be a very emotional and touching book, the author just manages to let you feel no empathy at all for the protagonist. At this very moment, I didn't even finish the book, and started a new one instead, but I still think I am able to give it a rating, since I read 80% of the book. (2/5)


Ugh, so intense. I really don't know, but there was a time I decided not to watch any more movies that are expectably emotionally disturbing. But then again, all the great stuff you are missing out on! And AMOUR definitely is one of those movies worth watching. But then again, I am literally having nightmares about this, just like the...oh wait, I don't wanna spoil anything. But yeah, this is a Haneke as you might expect it, horrifying but great. (8/10) 

The second movie I watched as a french original this month, I am quite proud of myself.  I really wanted to see this one, as I had already enjoyed Xavier Dolan's "Les Amours Imaginairs" lately. And yes, I am – more than ever – in love with this boy and his filmmaking and I am looking forward to what he might be capable of in the future. (8/10)

This was such a disaster. I did not expect this movie would disappoint that much. But it's kinda like with the character of Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia. I did not buy it for a second, how Julia Roberts tried to play a depressed person. Don't even get me started on her motives! The only good thing about this movie was Javier Bardem, for whom I had to wait until the very end, to come crawling out. And then he played such a dull character, oh my. Knowing of what he is actually capable of (No Country for old Men, Biutiful etc.) this was even more disappointing. (4/10)

Ok, I got to admit, I am still a bit confused by this movie. Until this day, I didn't really comprehend, in what relationships all the characters stood to each other. But in some way, this movie impressed me. Probably because I hadn't seen something like this before. And Sean Penn was really amazing and 10 times more convincing as a depressed person than other actresses I have mentioned. (7,5/10)

This was a bit disappointing aswell. I can't even really explain why. Maybe I just thought, my goodness, why are these characters both so immature? But then again, I like both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as actors, and they at least made me enjoy the movie.  (6/10)

This was probably a typical Woody Allen movie, where I can mostly not identify in any way with the characters. But at least, when the time travelling part of the movie started, it got at least a little bit funny.  (6/10)